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There are Provincial Entrepreneur Programs designed specifically for entrepreneurs that have sufficient experience that is needed in some Canadian provinces. Presently, province entrepreneur programs are established by provinces in Canada which require applicants to follow a two-step in order to get nominated into applying for permanent residence in any of the provinces.

There are different requirements set up by different provinces in order to be eligible to be nominated for the program. Some of them require creating an existing business and actively managing a business based on making the specific investment and job creation. The province requirements vary but most of them are hinged to the same basis such as age, the value of a liquid asset and so forth.

An applicant has to be nominated before he/she gets certified with the issuance of the provincial entrepreneurship program certificate. With this, the nominated applicant would be able to apply for permanent residence.

Such provincials in Canada that offer this immigration programs include Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Yukon, Saskatchewan, New Territories, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

British Columbia

The entrepreneur nominee program of this province is aimed at granting access into the area to experienced entrepreneurs that will help develop the economy of the local market. The program has three streams with distinct requirements.

The British Colombia province entrepreneur program is different from the nominee program of other areas in the sense that an applicant must have a work permit. An applicant will only be nominated by the province once he has successfully set up the targeted business in the area and it is running fine in Canada with a working permit.


The Saskatchewan entrepreneur nomination program involves a three-stage process for selecting a successful applicant. They are a show of interest and intent, invitation to apply and nomination. The show of interest is a stage which involves the creation of a profile on the entrepreneur nomination program. Each applicant enters a pool where they are scored. Those with top scores are then invited to apply. When an application is completed is submitted is reviewed and the suitable applicants are nominated.

Each of these stages has its own requirements. The minimum entry requirements for the show of interest and intent include:

  • A minimum liquid asset of $300, 000 established in Regina or Saskatoon or worth $200,000 in any other part of Saskatchewan.
  • Must have at least 3 years of entrepreneurial or managerial experience.
  • A net worth of at least $500,000 that is not acquired illicitly.
  • After scoring has been done, successful candidates are invited to submit an application for the program which must include
  • A show of commitment to be involved in the everyday management of the business
  • The provision of two or more jobs for Canadian citizens if the business is situated in Regna or Saskatoon.


The Manitoba immigrant nominee program has three pathways through which foreign investors can apply for this program. They are:

Business Investor Stream

This stream is targeted at foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Candidates have issued a temporary work permit and must show intent to establish a business in the province within two years of arrival.

Applicants are not required to deposit a sum of $100,000 with the government. There are pathways for entrepreneurs and farm investors.

Entrepreneur Pathway

This pathway is for international entrepreneurs that want to establish a business in Manitoba. Initially, candidates have issued a temporary work permit and nominated for permanent residence to set up a business after they have met the established conditions by the Business Performance Agreement.

Farm Investor Pathway

Foreign investors/entrepreneurs that want to establish a farm in the rural Manitoba can achieve this through this pathway. Applicants have initially issued a temporary working permit after which they are nominated for permanent residence after they have completed the conditions set by the Business Performance Agreement.

Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia immigrant nominee program has an entrepreneur stream which targets immigrant that have management or entrepreneurship experience that will help them stimulate the economy of Nova Scotia. The applicants are required to have a residence in Nova Scotia and own a business or partner with an established business.

Before applicants are nominated for permanent residence after running a business for at least a year, they are issued a temporary working permit.

Candidates Must:

  • Be 21 years of age and above
  • State intent to live in Nova Scotia while involved in the active management of the established business
  • Have at least 3 years of managerial experience or 5 years and above experience of a business school managerial position.
  • Score at least level 5 in the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) in speaking, writing, listening and reading in English or French.


The Ontario immigrant nominee program gives the government of Ontario the ground to nominate foreign persons that will apply for the Canadian permanent residence.

New Brunswick

The New Brunswick immigrant nominee entrepreneur program aims at nominating professionals that intend to move with their family to this province and ready to invest in it. Applicants are required to a business management experience, be between 22 and 55 years of age, invest a minimum of $250,000 in a New Brunswick business and take a share of 33%, and score a minimum of level 5 in Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) in English proficiency.

Prince Edward Island

The Prince Edward Island immigrant nominee program for a business is meant to bring in international investors into the province. Applicants are required to have a business experience, have a minimum net worth of $600,000, are required to make an investment in a local business with the minimum sum of $150,000. English proficiency is also required.

Northwest Territories

Applicants of the Northwest Territories Entrepreneur nominee program are expected to have a minimum net worth of $250,000. They are to make an active investment with the minimum sum of $150,000 in business in Northwest Territories. It is also required that applicants must have a business management experience.


The Yukon Entrepreneur nominee program targets business experienced expedites. Firstly, the successful nominee program applicants are nominated and issued a two-year working permit. Nominated applicants are expected to establish a business in Yukon within this timeframe.

Applicants must have a business management role skill and have a net worth of at least $250,000. An investment worth at least $150,000 is required to be made into a local business. Nomination for the application of Canada permanent residence will be hugely based on education and English proficiency.

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