Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Manitoba ranks as the fifth most populous territory in Canada. It has an estimated population of over 1.3 million people. The key industries in Manitoba include agriculture, energy and environment, financial services and insurance, mining and more. It is a land with rich cultural heritage and brimming with opportunities for immigrants.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is the quickest and easiest to way to move into and settle in Canada. About 15,000 immigrants come to Manitoba year and jostle for permanent residency in Canada. This program is created with an intent to find foreign graduates, entrepreneurs and skilled workers that will make a positive impact on the Manitoba economy.

The MPNP program ensures that the immigration processing outcomes for experienced workers are positive.

Who Can Apply?

You can apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program if you want to be immigrated to Manitoba to contribute to the enhancement of its economy, culture, and values. Individuals who have been refused the MPNP program are not eligible to apply.

Types of Programs & Minimum Requirements

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has four streams which include:

  • Skilled Worker Stream
  • Skilled Worker Overseas Stream
  • International Education Stream
  • Business Investor Stream

Skilled Worker Stream

The skilled worker stream nominates foreign workers that have required skills and experience for in-demand jobs in Manitoba to gain Canada permanent residence. It operates through the experience pathway and employer direct recruitment.

The experience pathway is for immigrants currently working in Manitoba on temporary work permits. Applicants do not need to be working in targeted jobs.

The employer direct recruitment is strictly for foreigners who have received a job offer from a Manitoba employer.

Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

This stream is aimed at nominating immigrants that possess skills that will fit into in-demand occupations in Manitoba province. Applicants are required to have English or French language proficiency. It functions under the express entry pathway and the human capital pathway.

Applicants of the express entry pathway should have an active Express entry profile and have the in-demand skills and experience in one of the targeted occupations in Manitoba.

For applicants to the human capital pathway, they must sure demonstrable potential of getting employed immediately after their arrival in Manitoba.

International Education Stream

This is designed for international graduates from Manitoba accredited universities and colleges to settle in Manitoba and enhance their careers. The IES has one pathway which is the career employment pathway.

The career employment pathway nominates foreign graduates in the field of engineering, technology, science, mathematics and STEM in order to contribute to innovation at Manitoba. Applicants are required to have job offers in an in-demand job.

Business Investor Stream

The business investor enables foreign entrepreneurs that wish to set up a business, acquire a business or partner with a business enterprise in Manitoba province to gain easy and quick access into Canada. There are pathways for farm investors and entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneur pathway is for foreigners that intend to open a business in Manitoba while the farm investor pathway is for international investors that want to set up and run a farm in the Manitoba. They are nominated after meeting the conditions of the Business Performance Agreement.

Processing Time of the Manitoba Nominee Program

Processing of the applications submitted by the Manitoba nominee program applicants takes up to 4 months. Processing has to be done at the state and government level which can take an average processing time of 21 to 15 months.

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