Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is created for business people, graduates and skilled workers that want to have a permanent residency and make an impact on the economy of the local market of Ontario, Canada. It is a program rolled out by the Canadian Federal Government to boost the Canada economy using human capitals.

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

The Ontario immigration nominee program offers foreigners the opportunity to settle and work in the province. Applicants must show an interest to settle and work towards steering the Canadian economy towards the right path. Interested applicants must have skill and experience for an in-demand occupation before applying.

Types of Program and Minimum Requirements

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has various categories that you can apply for which include:

  • Ontario Express Entry
  • General Category
  • International Student Category
  • Business Category

Express Entry

The express entry is an application management system established by the immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship (IRCC) in conjunction with the federal government to target skilled workers from the international community. This category is subdivided into three streams which are the Human Capital Priorities Stream, French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream and Skilled Trades Stream.

The Human Capital Priorities stream allows individuals who have required skills, education, experience, and English or French proficiency to be nominated into settling in the Ontario province with ease. Candidates must score 400 points under the CRS and have a full-time or part-time job experience in a NOC level O, A or B.

The French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream is for French-speaking immigrants that have a sufficient English proficiency who have intent to live and work in Ontario. This stream enables the OINP to nominate individuals that have the required skills into the Express entry pool. You must have a CLB level of 6 before applying.

The Skilled Trades Stream targets individuals that have a skill and ongoing experience in trading working in Ontario.

International Student Category

  1. This category is for international students schooling in recognized and accredited varsities and colleges.
  2. The category accepts applications under the following streams: International Masters Graduate Stream, International Student with a Job Offer and International Ph.D. Graduate Stream.
  3. The International Masters Graduate Stream focuses on individuals who have graduated from one of the public funded universities in Ontario. A job offer is not required as one of the requirements.
  4. The International Student with a Job Offer stream enables Ontario employers to employ foreign students. The students must receive a job offer from an Ontario employer before applying.
  5. The International Ph.D. Graduate Stream seeks to nominate persons that have acquired a Ph.D. from one of the Ontario’s publicly funded universities.

Business Category

This category targets foreign persons to look forward to setting up a business or buy an active business in Ontario. Application into this category is done through two streams which include: Entrepreneur Stream and Corporate Stream.

The Entrepreneur Stream aims to attract immigrants to establish or purchase an existing business in Ontario while the Corporate Stream helps and support existing establishments by international bodies looking forward to expanding.

The Processing Time of Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

The processing time of the OINP application can vary between 9 to 12 months. This will depend hugely on the nature of the application and the profile of the applicant. After a successful nomination, you can then proceed to the application of the Canada permanent residency.

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