Tourist Visa

Canada Visitor Visa  and  Tourist Visa

Every year, millions of immigrants and visitors travel to Canada with different ambitions, goals, and future aspects. If you are looking to explore the diverse culture, while visiting some of your favorite holiday destinations in the country, you will probably need a Canada Tourist Visa. Patel Canada Visa brings you some of the things you need to apply for a Visitor Visa.

Who Can Apply?

Canada Tourist Visa is for tourist and travelers who will like to spend their vacation in the country. Once you have the financial capabilities to take you throughout your stay, you can apply. However, it is important that you are healthy. Basic Requirements for Canada Tourist Visa

Some of the basic requirements for a Canada Visitor Visa include:

  •  T.R.V. (Temporary Resident Visa) depending on your country of residence.
  •  Letter of Invitation
  •  A valid passport and other travel documents.
  •  Sufficient funds to take you through your vacation in Canada.

In addition to all these, you must be able to provide the immigration officer with documents that prove your property, family, business, and assets in your country so that you can convince him you will return at the end of your trip. Asides that, you must leave Canada before your Canada Visitor Visa expires.

Processing Times

Processing times for a Canada Tourist Visa usually depend on where and how the application is being made. Provided you apply within Canada, it usually takes 14-21 days for online applications, while paper-based applications take up to 21-28 days. For applications made from outside of Canada, processing times often vary based on the country of residence of the applicant.

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