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Express Your Interest # PR # PNP program

Will you like to immigrate to Canada? Express your interest is a way of showing your intention to immigrate to Canada. This involves creating an online profile and filling out all necessary details.

How to Express Your Interest

Express your interest to immigrate to Canada by creating an online profile here
Here, you will be asked to provide details such as information about your language proficiency (English and French), level of education, skills acquired, work experience, and several other personal information.

Your online profile places you within the Express Entry pool. Candidates that do not already possess a provincial nomination or a valid job offer from an employer in Canada can register with Canada’s Job Bank.

Although, as of 6th of June, 2017, it is no longer mandatory to register in Canada’s Job Bank, registering with the Job Bank will help enhance the visibility of the candidate employers in Canada. Register with Canadian Job Bank Here []

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